Louise Grubb wins IMAGE PwC Businesswoman of the Year Award

Tramore resident and serial entrepreneur Louise Grubb was awarded Businesswoman of the Year at the Image PwC Awards last month. Louise, founder of animal diagnosis and treatment business TrviumVet, was recognised for her outstanding contribution to innovation in global companion animal health. TriviumVet is set to be approved for its first two products by the FDA and is the result of Louise's passion for animals and R&D.

Grubb previously founded NutriScience, a company that creates, produces, and sells innovative veterinary nutraceuticals. The manufacturing business exported product to 15 countries globally and employed over 200 people before being bought by Swedencare in 2016. In 2013, Grubb also founded Q1 Scientific, a pharmaceutical storage company for both the human and veterinary life sciences industry and was the designated storage provider for Ireland's stock of Covid-19 vaccines. Q1 Scientific was acquired by Cambrex in 2022.