PSSF : Pre-Seed Start Funds

Enterprise Ireland have changed the format of the Pre-Seed Start Fund and now companies can apply at any time. Supports of €50K and €100K investements by way of Convertible Loan Note (CLN) are available. In addition to this investment, successful applicants can avail of a range of start-up supports from Enterprise Ireland.

The purpose of the Pre-Seed Start Fund is to accelerate the growth of early-stage start-up companies that have the capacity and ambition to succeed in global markets. The fund will support early stage companies to reach the key technical and commercial milestones required to attract future Seed Funding within 6-18 months

The Irish BICs are running a series of webinars to assist with the new application format. They will be held online and hosted by the Business Innovation Centres (BICs) nationwide. These webinars are free to attend but spaces are limited so registration is required. Participation at these interactive webinars is welcomed from entrepreneurs and early stage companies who are considering applying to the fund. Applicants can attend all webinars regardless of where they are located in the country and sessions are also open to those based internationally who are looking to start a business in Ireland.

Webinar Dates:

July 26th 2023 : WestBIC

September 13th 2023 : CorkBIC

October 25th 2023 : Furthr

November 29th 2023: South East BIC. REGISTER HERE:

January 17th 2024 : WestBIC

February 28th 2024 : CorkBIC

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5 Key Requirements for Pre-Seed Start Fund Applications

  1. Have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that proves the product or service has early customer validation.
  2. Have a clearly articulated proposition addressing a real opportunity based on market research carried out with customers or potential customers.
  3. Have a clear execution plan that identifies key milestones to be achieved.
  4. Have evidence of innovation, internationalisation potential and employment capacity.
  5. Have a team with experience, domain knowledge and a balance of skills with the committment to execute the plan

The Pre-Seed Start Fund is open to entrepreneurs and early-stage companies in the Manufacturing & Internationally Traded Services sectors. Eligibility criteria must be met and an evaluation process will be completed prior to any Enterprise Ireland investments.

For additional infomation on the application process, contact the team at South East BIC via phone on +353 51 356 300 or email