DataWorks was founded by Allen O’Neill and Rory O’Kane, having experienced first-hand the pain of underperforming Web Data Services. They knew that generic data collection no longer cuts it for the demands of eCommerce data, so designed and optimised the platform for the collection and aggregation of eCommerce data. This cloud- based platform that simplifies the process of acquiring and transforming web-data, puts the user in control, and dramatically lowers the overall costs involved to the customer.  

The Dataworks engaged with South East BIC’s team to start their process of investor readiness in order to attract seed investors and approach Enterprise Ireland for HPSU investment. During this time, they also applied to compete in South East BIC’s inaugural Big Pitch which they then won.  Allen and the Dataworks team were very keen to work with the local and regional supports here in the South East and worked closely developing their investment strategy and investment toolkit.  This resulted in The DataWorks team closing a round of just over €1m that included Enterprise Ireland with South East BIC assisting in their successful HPSU application. 


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