Veri Connect

Veri Connect provides sustainable training programme management. They streamline paper processes with a digital solution. Their innovative software saves time and reduces duplication. It measures results on Instructor Led or Blended Learning whether that's delivered in person or remotely.

South East BIC engaged with Ann-Marie McSorley of VeriConnect while she was participating in the New Frontiers 2 programme at IT Carlow and started working with her focusing on business planning and investor-readiness. Intensive business planning sessions were scheduled and South East BIC’s engagement with Ann-Marie and the team at Veri continued for over 2 years.

Receiving Competitive Start Fund from Enterprise Ireland allowed the Veri team to expand and commercialise their SaaS product, followed quickly that same year by investment from an Angel investor, and Enterprise Ireland coming on board, making Veri a HPSU. South East BIC worked closely with the Veri team in the development of these strategies and the preparation of the company resulting in these investments.

We would not have achieved CSF and HPSU without the strategic support and advice we got from South East BIC. We recommend that any innovative startup who intends to scale and needs to raise money, should get in touch with the team there and get their invaluable help and assistance.”

Ann-Marie McSorley, Founder, VeriConnect.


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